What an analysis of millions of marathon race records reveals about marathon pacing based on sex, age and ability.

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Hitting the wall is the great leveller in the marathon. Whether you are a fast runner or a slow runner it will stop you in your tracks just the same, but the cruelest trick of fate is that you are much more likely to hit the wall precisley when you are chasing a new personal-best.

An exit-analysis as restrictions are lifted during Ireland’s second COVID-19 wave, and what this means for Christmas and beyond.

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Why we need help to overcome our congitive biases if we are to live safely with the coronavirus.

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An Analysis of 7-Day Cases by Age Group during Christmas Week

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Why we needed to move from Level 3 to Level 5 and why we need to change the way we think about virus transmission.

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Why & how Ireland’s second COVID-19 wave differs from the frst.

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  • Wave 1 was dominated by older and more severe cases. Wave 2 cases skew much younger, and as a result cases have been far less…

The road to Level 3 for Dublin and where it may lead.

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If we are not all in this together, then we are not in it at all.

A look at what we have learned from recent restrictions and their ability to change the course of the virus.

Would Lockdown Level 5 Really Fix our COVID Problem?

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An analysis of confirmed cases and estimated infections in Ireland in September 2020

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  1. We are much better at finding cases now than we were in April, because our testing infrastructure is a lot better; tests have reached approximately 10,000 tests per day recently, compared with about 5,000…


Professor of Computer Science at University College Dublin. Focus on AI/ML and recommender systems, with applications in e-commerce, media, and health.

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